The Method

My clients aren’t just strong:


The Benefits

Gain Mobility

Increase Strength

Develop Endurance

Prevent Injuries

Improve Posture

Boost Energy Levels

Refine Body Mechanics

“Fix” Muscle Imbalances

Achieve Total Body Alignment

Hours Teaching and Inspiring People

Years in the Fitness Industry



3 Part Signature System

The JRx Method

Body Rolling

Using a 6-10 inch ball as a tool to free up common areas of tightness in the body, rolling out is combined with a series of mindful movement routines to work towards total body alignment and freedom of movement. It’s like a deep tissue massage you give yourself!

Bodyweight Training

Using the weight of your own body to develop true body control,  body weight training is a fusion of calisthenics, ground-based movement and classic Pilates moves.

Resistance Training

With the goal of creating useful strength by mimicking the movement patterns of daily activities, traditional strength training is mixed with functional movement using resistive tubing, dumbells, kettlebells and stability balls for a total body moving experience that emphasizes 7 key movement patterns:

  • squatting/lunging
  • bending/twisting
  • pushing/pulling
  • gait (walk/jog/sprint)


The JRx Principles

Engage Mind and Body

Take an Integrated Approach

Free the Body from the Outside/In

Train from the Inside/Out

Use Body Control

Vary Movement Patterns

Align Mind, Body and Soul

Get Results


Focus on proper body mechanics and variety to minimize injury and maximize effectiveness

Learn how to achieve total body alignment with descriptive/prescriptive cueing
“Trouble-shoot” and correct body imbalances by learning to “self-cue”

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